What to do if Your New Ride Wont Fit in Your Garage

Garage Too Small for that huge truck?

Here is a few tips


car too big doesnt fit in your garage


Your garage has not shrunk over night, there is no witch doctor placing a strange curse on your house hell no. Trucks and cars are just getting bigger and this can be a problem for some. Especially those stuck with tiny garages in suburbs.

Let’s face it we all buy on impulse, if we something we like we pretty much make a decision to buy it there and then. We don’t measure the car inch for inch or check to see if it can be easily movable around our homes. Hell no we just want the damn thing to pull up on our drives in style.

Just picture this your taking your new ride home everything is perfect, you pull up to your house. Then the feel of doubt drops into your gut. Oh my gosh is my car too wide to fit in or just to tall to get into my garage. The last thing you want to do is to scratch your brand new ride. This has become much more common for trucks in particular as the manufacture is opting for commercial proportion size vehicles instead. Bigger is indeed better, but not where your tiny garage is concerned!

So to avoid parking your sweet new ride outside on the curb where its going to be of course admired by passers by, it may also be susceptible to problems or lets say “incidents”. No one wants that so follow our tips below to ensure this does not happen to you.

Measure Before Purchase

It is very wise to know the dimensions of your garage and your previous ride. Why? common sense surely. You want the dimensions of your previous ride for an estimation as to how easy it is to park your car. If your already have a tight squeeze to fit into your garage then you know your pushing it to go higher.

You will want to make sure you get the length and width of your garage before shopping and take into account any hinges or extras that may be hanging off your garage door. Don’t forget the extra junk in your garage that might be lying around, can it be removed?

Now this may come as a weird thing to do but it may save you the effort when you get home. We recommend you do not go off of the manufactures guide as normally they don’t include bumpers as this is customizable. You can never bet let down by your trust tape measure. You might get a few strange looks from passers by, but it is better to be safe than sorry right? So go out on that forecourt find the car you want to take home and measure it first.

Oh and one more thing don’t forget the height! No matter what you do if the height is far too short you won’t be getting your car/truck in your garage it is that simple. Unless you want to build a new garage or drop your car. Also take into account any ramps or strange angles when parking your ride.

Gain Height by Getting Low

The main option you have if your truck or car won’t fit in your garage is to lower it. You will want to remove any extras that are on the roof like lights, roof racks or anything that can be removed. You can have you car professionally lowered by a few inches if you want, but why cost yourself more cash in the long run. You can also swap your stock tires for shorter ones. Your local tire store can do this for you and maybe able to a deal on your part worn tires as a trade. But if those tires are to die for then you might want to look for other options. Do not lower the air pressure on your tires this will reduce your MPG and will lower the lifespan of your tires. This will cost you much more in the long run.

There are only a couple options for gaining a few extra inches in height, and they involve lowering your truck. First, remove any roof racks or auxiliary lights to gain some space. You can also swap in shorter tires or lower the suspension. It might be tempting to think that lowering the air pressure in your tires will help, but that won’t save you any room and it will degrade the performance and MPG of your vehicle.

It is in no way feasible to increase the roof of your garage, this could end up costing you a ton of cash and may cause your structure to be compromised. If there is no other option most people either build a bigger better garage or lower the floor, but then again you would need to change the door which again is more unneeded expense.

If however you want to add a few inches to the length you could call a local contractor to give you a quote on an extension. Just as long as the wall isn’t attached to your house or load bearing then it wouldn’t be too hard to push the garage back or along if there is room to do that. You could opt for an extension and get a double door while your at it if your going to fork out for a “small” extension. Might as well go the full 9 yards. Now if your in the suburbs and there is no room to expand then it’s going to be a big issue for you.

One option if your garage is wide enough but not quite long enough for you to park into it, is to use small ramps. This will alter the angle of your truck allowing a few inches at the back to squeeze in. If this is going to be a permanent solution then your going to want to get some really good ramps. Just make sure you use Laser Levels to get an accurate and easily obtainable reading.

Mod your Ride

We all know about modding cars, it’s a multi million dollar industry. So if that’s your style then why not. But if it’s something that makes you run away in terror then it might be for the best if you just pack everything up and relocate all because you did not measure your garage. So now I bet your kicking yourself wondering why you didn’t bring your own tape measure. Of course you could just return the truck but who does that really?

Don’t leave yourself with a huge bill because you did not use your head when buying that new car! We all know you wouldn’t go to some of the extremes we have mentioned above, it has just been pointed out in jest. We all know you wouldn’t abandon your home for your brand new ride, or would you?


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Regards, The Beat The Mechanic Team