Simple Car DIY Guides

New to Car maintenance, you have come to the right place!


Here you will find an up to date list of all our “Simple Car DIY” guides. This is the perfect place to start if your new to car repairs. This is not a set order of what should be done first but a collection of guides that you can follow accordingly. Each Guide has a difficulty rating. Please bear in mind this is the Simple Car DIY guide section. If something is marked as a difficulty as 5 stars it means it will be difficult for a beginner, not someone who has worked on cars before.

Here at Beat The Mechanic we rate our tutorials on how difficult they are to complete. We do this by using out “Skull rating” 1 being the most simple of tutorials and 3 being much more difficult to achieve. Even though this section is for beginners there are still some tutorials that may require you to have some knowledge before taking the job on.


Beat The Mechanic 3 skull rating

Before performing any task please make sure you have read our guides fully and understand the job completely before beginning. 





[ This list is currently under going maintenence, please check again later. Kind regards, Beat the Mechanic.]

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