Save Money Repairing Your Car

Repairing Your Car With Beat The Mechanic

Tired of forking out tons of money on car repairs that are not needed? We aim to save you a ton of money repairing your car!

Well that’s how Beat The Mechanic first started off. We just got sick and tired of garages charging us regular drivers a ton of money on car repairs that are not needed. Suspension problems springs to mind. Well what if i told you its cheap and easy repairing your car?

I was just like you, probably even worse off in regards to car maintenance know how. I knew nothing about cars I hadn’t even changed a head light before. I forked out a lot of money on simple car repairs when I first started driving and I soon realised how simple these car repairs would have been to have done myself saving myself both time and money.

I got tired of wasting money on simple car repairs so I decided to teach myself how to repair cars. At first it seemed quite daunting but if you can hold a wrench you can pretty much fix a lot on a car. In the space of just 2 months I went from changing headlights to replacing an Alternator to a full engine rebuild (timing belt snapped). Yes no baby steps were taken here. Repairing your car may seem like daunting task but for me it was a lot of fun.

At Beat The Mechanic we aim to have you repairing your car to save you both time and money. It may seem daunting and complicated at first but once you start following our simple yet helpful guides we are sure you will be just as comfortable as we are at repairing your car.

You will hear from the experts right here at Beat The Mechanic, we provide videos, and tutorials to help you learn all about repairing your car, from the most simple car repairs to the more complicated.  You will save a ton of money repairing your car with us! To get the most out of our help and advice we recommend you purchase a Haynes Manual for your Car they really do help out when it comes to car DIY.

Start with us today and learn how you can start repairing your car by Changing Your Motor Oil

Regards, Beat The Mechanic

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