How to fix a Seized Stuck Brake Caliper Piston

Cclamp siezed brake caliper

Seized or Stuck Brake Caliper Piston We will show you how to fix this annoying and quite common issue We have all been there, your driving along minding your own business. Everything is running smoothly then all of a sudden you have to slam your brakes on, you hear a … Continue reading

How to Paint your Own Car

Learn to paint your own car

Car looking a bit rough? Had a scratch and want to bring your pride and joy back to it’s former glory? Well now you can, here at beat the mechanic we are going to show you how it is possible to paint your own car.   So why paint your … Continue reading

Checking your Tyre Pressure

check your tyre pressure

How to Check Your Tyre Pressure A quick and easy guide to checking your Tyre Pressure   Just take a trip down any Highway and your guaranteed to see a few tyres off the road that look “blow” This is caused from a faulty or worn out tyre. In most … Continue reading

Replacing your ignition coil pack

Ignition Coil Pack Problems How to diagnose fix and replace   If your driving a modern car chances are it has an Ignition Coil pack as it is much more effective than the old distributor system you will find on older cars. These ignition coil packs are great and perform … Continue reading

Air Filters, do they really need changing

How to replace your car Air Filter Yes they really do need changing, let air filter properly! I’m sure you have all been there, you take your car in for a regular check up or it’s annual MOT and you find out that it’s set you back £40 for an … Continue reading

Changing your Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs they really are that simple to change over Don’t waste money, try out this simple fix!   Spark plugs play a major role in your cars performance and ability to run correctly. Spark plugs ignite the fuel inside your engine chambers which power your car, without them you wouldn’t … Continue reading

Changing Your Serpentine Belt

Squealing from under the hood? It might just be a wearing serpentine belt     You wake up in the morning, start the car up and hear a strange squealing noise coming from under the hood. You decide to drive anyways and the noise magically dissapears. Must have been nothing right? … Continue reading